Why AML compliance, who needs to comply and how to get it fast and affordably – this is how to get your small business AML complaint in no time in Southern Africa

While the world is getting “smaller” and more connected through technology, small businesses need to keep up with regulations – but you need to do it cleverly.

Anti-money laundering (AML) compliance is one such requirement that’s gotten a lot of attention all over Southern Africa over the last few years, with South Africa greylisted and many other nations served with warnings to get AML up to scratch.

So here’s a helpful guide to get your small businesses AML-compliant, fast and affordably.

What is AML and Why do Small Businesses Need to be AML Compliant?

Money laundering poses a big threat to the global peace and the financial system. So governments worldwide have implemented strict AML regulations to combat this illicit activity – see all about AML compliance. 

Small businesses, regardless of their size or industry, can inadvertently become involved in money laundering schemes if they don't have adequate AML safeguards in place. Thus every business, even SMEs, is asked to become AML compliant.

Especially if you are operating in any of these industries:

In these countries:

Then you are legally required to be AML compliant.

But it’s not always that easy if you’re a small business…

Possible Problems/Barriers to AML Compliance

High Cost of Sanction Screening Tools: 

One of the major challenges small businesses face in achieving AML compliance is the high cost associated with acquiring and maintaining sanction screening tools. Sanction screening is a vital part of AML compliance.

However, the screening comes at a cost. And, while most big businesses have large enough customer bases to risk just passing the cost onto the consumer, small businesses need to be mindful of their costs, to stay competitive.

The Need to Keep Premiums Low: 

Small businesses often operate on tight budgets and aim to keep their premiums and operational costs as low as possible. Investing in AML compliance tools and processes can strain their financial resources, making it challenging to strike a balance between regulatory compliance and cost efficiency.

See our post on balancing cost versus AML compliance.

The ZenDetect Solution: Affordable Screening for Small Businesses

ZenDetect understands the unique challenges that small businesses face when it comes to AML compliance. ZenDetect is a locally (African) built tool designed to offer competitive pricing in the AML space. By opting for ZenDetect, companies can save up to 98% on their sanction list screening

How to Get AML Compliant through ZenDetect Today

STEP 1: Book a Demo with us and we'll show you how ZenDetect operates, discuss technical details, and explain integration with your admin systems.

STEP 2: Our team will assist your developer in integrating ZenDetect, or help you find a developer for this purpose.

STEP 3: As soon as it’s set up, you can bulk upload your database and screening begins immediately – the system will continuously and automatically screen, and you’ll be notified whenever the Sanction Lists are updated or if a flag requires your attention.

With ZenDetect, you get:

  • Integration: ZenDetect offers seamless integration with your existing systems, making it easy to incorporate AML screening into your daily operations.
  • Sanction Screening: Use ZenDetect's robust tools to screen your customers, vendors, and partners against global sanctions lists, ensuring that you are not involved in any illicit transactions.
  • Continuous Monitoring: ZenDetect offers continuous monitoring services to keep you updated on any changes in sanctions lists or potential risks, ensuring ongoing compliance.

Learn more about our unique and affordable sanction screening for your small business AML compliance, the benefits of getting compliant and how to conduct sanction screening in our post on how to get sanction screening in Africa.  

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